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Florida Tile and Marble is there with you, every step of the way. When we take on your project, you can rest assured that your existing floor covering will be removed in the safest, cleanest, most efficient manner. On time and on budget, we know exactly what has to be done, so your new flooring will perform as it was designed and intended, maintaining manufacturer warranties.

Prior to beginning the installation, we begin our prep work on the service area. If your house is older than 15 years old, you won’t require waterproofing. It is unnecessary, and simply not cost-effect to do. If you are looking to have tile installation, then you better have someone who knows what they are doing. Let our team expertly install your floor, shower or BBQ Island tile. We expertly prep your surface with all the proper materials for perfect leveling and back up our installations with a lifetime guarantee. It’s a no brainer, call us today!

Our contractors know exactly how to prepare any surface for your new floor covering, no matter what you have chosen. We use the latest methods, and a variety of products to make sure that it is right for YOUR exact project specifications. Whether it’s self-leveling concrete, or application specific primers, we make all of the preparations in accordance with your flooring materials’ specifications to provide the best surface possible and maintain manufactures warranty for your new flooring.

Let’s face it-Florida can be a damp place to live, which usually means that excessive moisture in concrete is probably going to be the biggest challenge in your project. That is why Florida Tile and Marble can offer you state of the art moisture mitigation systems, wherever they are needed. We have several products available, depending upon your project, the age of your home or business, type of flooring to be installed, budgetary concern and schedule.

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